William, Mary and Elizabeth Hagell

The History of the Hagell Family and Their Descendants

Around the World


"Canterbury Trails"

William, Mary and Elizabeth

A Collective History of the Hagell Family and Descendants

is perhaps the most comprehensive history of the Hagell family around the world.

Over six months in the compiling and countless emails and contributions from around the world have made Canterbury Trails a book to be proud of owning and saying this is my family, these are my ancestors. What started out as a small story of 50 pages has become a story of 350 pages. One trail kept leading to another and then another. It seemed without end! But as Robert Service said, "A promise made is a debt unpaid" and I had promised a number of people the book would be out in September. And so it was.

My hope is that you will enjoy reading it and learning from it. The book only touches the surface of the descendants of William, Mary and Elizabeth Hagell. There is just as much material not in the book as there is in the book. Space and printing costs are a major consideration in deciding what went in and what stayed out.

There were many technical troubles with the layout that kept me behind for some time but after they were settled, things went a bit faster. It has been exciting and tiring working on this project, but I am sure it is well worth it in the end.

"Canterbury Trails"

Did you know that four generations of Hagells and Hagell descendants worked at the Hudson's Bay Company office in London at 4 Fenchurch Street over a one hundred year period?

Did you know that they were men of considerable importance in the Hudson's Bay Company?

Canterbury Trails explains the complete history of the Hagell connection to the HBC, including the details when William (2) has to go to court and testify against some would be fur robbers!

The Hagell connections to Canada, United States, England, Africa, Australia and New Zealand are all explained as well as Hagell immigrations, Hagells at war and The Barnardo Homes and the Hagells.

The Crimean War, Hagell occupations, possible early Dutch 

connections in the Hudson River Valley in the United States.

The Hagells of Russia, Finland, Germany, Bavaria, and Sweden and so much more will be found in the "Canterbury Trails" including the story of the Canterbury mouse and Mr. Hagell: a good luck story if there ever was one. But of course there is the other side of the coin.......... here we have a certain Mr. Hagell making a drastic mistake about a lump of coal, thanks to his son in law.

Letters, emails, photographs, genealogical lines, history and facts as well as a few theories!

Canterbury Trails

Hard Edition: September 2010 

Digital Edition: January 2012

Front Cover                        /                        Back Cover

"Canterbury Trails"

William, Mary and Elizabeth Hagell

A Family History

is a family genealogical and historical look at the families of William, Mary and Elizabeth Hagell, our "Ancestral Parents". Their family was numerous and over time their childrens' children have spread over most of the continents.

Do you like horses or working with them? It may run in the genes!


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